Gypsy Apocalypse In Brooklyn / by Muhsin Shakoor

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Model: Coco Kissack

We were on location for a shoot with model, Coco Kissack, in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. The theme had a definitive post-Apocalyptic leaning derived from a creative collaboration between UABN and Coco herself. Coco was amazing as we walked several blocks acquiring a very intrigued audience along the way. The vision behind our shoot was to pay tribute to the essence of the urban experience and there was no better scene than Bushwick to deliver that unmistakably edgy and gritty feel. Coco is a world traveler known for her unique beauty; her gypsy-like style and eclectic flare made her the perfect subject for this type of project. Needless to say, Coco's artistic expression speaks for itself.

The full album "Gypsy Apocalypse" can be viewed at the link below:

Model Coco Kissack In Brooklyn

Gypsy Apocalypse
Gypsy Love, Model Coco Kissack