Diana Madalina Puscasu - NYC Runway Model Feature / by Muhsin Shakoor

Model: Diana Madalina Puscasu

Designer: Alexandra Popescu-York

Photographer: M. Nuri Shakoor

Show: Couture Fashion Week FW2019

Venue: 4w43 Building, Manhattan


Diana Madalina Puscasu

New York Fashion Week Model Feature

A few of the photos taken during the ‘dynamic duo’ session of Diana and yours truly. Diana’s glamorous and sultry look is tailor-made for my style and approach to photography. With creating these artistic photos, I attempt to immortalize the designer’s collection as art, and to pay tribute to the designer as an artist. However, it takes a special person to embrace the collection and make it their own, with their own unique flair to draw us in. To make us want to know more about the artist behind the collection. Many of us in the audience and behind the lens, feel that Diana’s runway and camera presence, the way she romances us, is in essence selling the collection.

Special thanks to these amazing photographers, Ktodoma (IG @ktodoma ) and Bryant Moreno (IG @sevvperior ) , for their support and coverage of the Couture Fashion Week runway shows that were still in progress while Diana and I worked together.

Please stay tuned for more from these two photgraphers in the near future. Ktodoma provided video and photos of Diana and I in action.

Thank you for your support. Please visit us again.

M. Nuri Shakoor, Photographer/ Editor

Alla Bevzenko-Shakoor, Senior Editor