Music Artist Lizzie Blazquez / by Muhsin Shakoor

Model: @LizzieBlazquez

Photographer: @nitronuri | @uabn_photography

Location shoot: Manhattan, NYC

Shoot arranged by fellow photographer Joe Amato


It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with music artist Lizzie Blazquez. As it turns out Lizzie and I already were familiar with each other for other events we have both attended around the city. Fellow photographer Joe Amato, knowing my love for beauty and fashion photography, asked me to do a quick shoot alongside our buddy Juan who also photographing Lizzie at the time. I truly was just there to observe and chill out so I was first I was a little hesitant. But they all wanted to see what I could do with this backlight scenario with which I have to admit, was very tempting. So I gave in to my temptation and took a few shoots with flash and a few with natural light. Lizzie was glowing and looked amazing in the light so I truly could not resist taking my camera out of the bag.

M. Nuri Shakoor, Press Photographer | Photojournalist