World Pride NYC 2019 Parade. / by Muhsin Shakoor

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World Pride NYC

ndya Moore, Dominique Jackson, & Mj Rodriguez from FX television series Pose, grand marshalls of the Pride Parade 2019

At times,  I felt like I was watching two different Parades. The photos I present in the albums below to me represents PRIDE. Why do I feel the need to mention?, this one might ask. Because of the numerous encounters some of us photographers encounter where participants simply do not exemplify what I would define as being proud. Of course this is just a personal assessment from the point of view from a photojournalist whose job is to capture the essence of what the Pride Parade is known for. What some of us fail to understand is why some individuals would chose to walk in a parade which bears the name “PRIDE” if you aren't proud of who you are or proud of who you are supporting. This is simply the first thoughts that come to mind when we the photogs and journalists come across a few individuals who seem upset and by all means do not want to be photographed. Ok, so maybe you have your personal reasons as to why you walk in the Pride Parade, but you have to understand there are 100's if not a 1000, journalists from all over the world covering this parade and your picture WILL GET TAKEN if not by me then by some one else in video or still.

Secondly, and this is just to say from a photog vantage point, no one can rock the camera like the gorgeous drag queens. Oh my goodness, these drop down gorgeous lights of beauty will GLADLY stand in front of your camera for hours if you let them. With that said there are many in this parade who carry the torch for the ones who refuse to be photograph, that can give the queens a run for their money because they know when they get that tap on the shoulder from a photographer, it is time to punch the clock and go to work. And work is what they put in...LOL

Again, there are many high and low points during shooting this marathon of a parade. I have to give a shout out to all the photographers and journalists who are on that parade line essentially doing battle. Because there is simply no other way to describe this shooting experience. Shooting from the sideline is not the same experience due to the fact that you are stationary and you are not literally in the face of or shoulder to shoulder with the parade participants to get the best vantage points. When you are in the mix as a wave of people are coming directly at you in the hundreds, you only have a split second to scan the scene, check where the best light is, then capture your subject, snap the shot and pray you didn't forget to dial back or up your settings from when the sun was behind the clouds or from where you positioned your previous subject. If you never shot a parade of this magnitude, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT RELATE. Even photogs from the big outlets who I was shooting next too were cursing when they were missing shots. AND YOU WILL miss shots. I was briefly shooting next you a journalist from Italy who was having a tough time keeping up. He had no idea what he gotten himself into. And I have to say the Pride Pride is not for everyone because they literally come at you like a tsunami. Your photog friends with whom you are shooting, they can be there one minute and gone the next, swept away trying to get that money shot with hundreds of people swarming around

Sometimes, I even question myself as to "why and the heck am I out here dealing with this". Well the end result, to me, is worth the aggravation which seem minimal when I look at these photographs.


M. Nuri Shakoor, Photojournalist | Press Photographer, New York City Arts & Sports (USPA-News)

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