The Bar Club Hosts Bar Brawl 8 At Wingate Park / by Muhsin Shakoor

Images of the two battles that took place at Wingate Park in Brooklyn, NY this past Saturday.

The main card featured @katotrainmeplease vs @muscleup_millz going through a grueling circuit of 25 muscle-ups, 50 pull-ups, and 100 push-ups using the strict form standard adopted by NYC's bar elite. Kato representing Bar Godz, and Team Boss Life and of course himself KatoTrainMePlease. Muscle-Up Millz, solid as a rock, came in representing the tough calisthenic house of Team Sparta.

The second match-up was a surprise feature of returning Bar Brawl competitor and champion Tisdale representing Team Wingate going head to head with first-time Bar Brawl competitor, Zombie who came into the competition calm and confident representing Team BossLife

Muscle-Up Millz took home the win in the main event while Zombie walks away with the "W" in his first Bar Brawl. Congrats to all the Bar Athletes out there because in the end they are all winners. I will say this every time I cover these events. There are only a few elite athletes in the world who can go through the soul crushing circuits that these amazing competitors step to in these competitions here in New York City.


Doc and Zef give post competition commentary. Highlights from the main event.

Interviews with The Bar Club athletes. Due to technical difficulties beyond our control we were not able to recover video footage loss during equipment malfunction during some of our coverage. We apologize to all the athletes and officials for the missing footage.