Blackthorn 51 On Fire / by Muhsin Shakoor


Blackthorn On Fire

Salute to all the performers who gave electrifying performances this past Friday night's event at Blackthorn 51 featuring Sponge, 'Ophelia's Pain', 'The Poynt', Honey Trap, 'the during', Remedy, and The Rose Pedals. An amazing evening with fire filled performances by all the artists.

Location: Blackthorn 51. Queens, New York

Date: Friday, July 28th 2017

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We were on location to cover  the concert event at the Blackthorn 51 night club in Queens New York featuring several amazing bands. We covered the event for and the US Press Agency. We were also hired by one of the featured groups, The Poynt to do a special shoot for them. So we would like to send a special shout out to them for the invite. Listed below are several galleries that we tried to organize and group by each performance in the order by which it was shot. This was a very touch shoot from a technical and lightning standpoint. So where you see an abundance of pics of a particular subject was simply a luck of the lighting at the specific moment. Below are some of the many images captured during the event. Enjoy.

Special Note About Picture Inquires:

Several of the artists performing have inquired about where to find the pics. This is the entire database that was post worthy based on composition, interest, picture quality, and most of all the main requirement the picture captured had to bare the essence of our vision.  Some of the pics will be used for our photo editorials for New York City Art and Sports and the U.S. Press Agency's international news feed in the coming week or two. Over 2000 shots were taken but only the very best were selected for this gallery. All pics are captured in RAW format with top of the line DSLR camera equipment. We only note this because many do not understand the time required to pull these raw files off the camera and develop them digitally and convert them over to a readable format.

Many photographers choose to shoot directly in jpeg. We do not shoot like that due to the limitations with editing in post to our creative vision here at Urban Art By Nuri Photography. We are hired to do shoots because of our unique style and creative flare that usually matches the personalities of our clients. So it will not be possible to see all the pics we captured unless we have to put more hours into development. We have already logged in more 20 hours of post processing. Our rates for event photography run 175.00 per hour. So with that in mind any request for pics that are un-watermarked there will be a fee of 175.00 which is the cost for me taking the pics. This fee does not include the post processing fee. I am charging just a flat rate for shooting. My regular rates for shooting and post processing would usually run at MINIMUM of 500.00.  You are free to use the watermarked pics here as freely as you like. I just ask that you reference the following info so people know where to come if they are interested in working with me on future projects:

Photo credit: Nuri Shakoor, Urban Art By Nuri (UABN) Photography, NYC

I will also post some to Instagram. I can be reach there under @nitronuri so please feel free to connect with me out there. I will also post on the Facebook page Urban Art By Nuri as well so join us out there we are always happy to connect with new friends.

For those who took my card at the event, we are currently experiencing routing issues with our email. You can send your inquires to . Email is the best way for me to keep track of inquiries and respond in an efficient manner. It was a pleasure meeting some of you amazing artists. My hat is off to all of you for the amazing performances. 


Thank for your support.

M. Nuri Shakoor, Photographer | Photojournalist, U.S. Press Agency
Alla Bevzenko, Chief Editor, New York City Arts, Sports, & Entertainment
Christine Jadge, Legal | Business Consultant, New York City Arts, Sports & Entertainment
Ahmad Shakoor, Summer Intern Staff Photographer, UABN Photography


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