Fitness Instructor and Model, Emma Bonoli / by Muhsin Shakoor

Images from our shoot with the ever gorgeous, and super strong fitness instructor and model, Emma Bonoli.









Strong, Athletic, Stunning, & Gorgeous.

She's beautiful. She has a positive glow that comes from a place of love. And on top of it all she is one tough fitness trainer that more than know her way around the gym. Abs, back, arms, shoulders, glutes, quads most would definitely say she is the full package. Combined with strength, and athleticism, Emma is definitely the type of soul with a glow that gets noticed when she is on the scene. Her top quality that caught our attention was a personality of pure gold. It is our honor to have her to work on a project sponsored by New York City Arts and Sports featuring the fitness models brought to you by Team Nitro Fitness photography and modeling geared towards fitness professionals. Emma is the first of six athletes chosen to represent Team Nitro NYC for this project.

One of the most important qualities we look for in our models is personality. The personality traits we look for are, positive attitude, willingness to help build and not tear down others, communication skills, and most importantly professionalism. Enjoy the beauty and artistry of Emma's portfolio below: