Diplomacy and press duty. With former international model Luiza Brunet at the Brazilian consulate in NYC


Nuri Shakoor is an NGO global security analyst and researcher specializing in conflict analysis and human rights and a member working with several non-profits and civil society organizations to enhance international security. However, most people happen to know Nuri as a passionate New York City photojournalist. As a member of the National Press Photographer's Association (NPPA), Nuri’s work has been used by major publications in print, online, and by local, national, and international media outlets. Notable works have been published by Train Magazine, Pix11, NY1, USA Today, DragonDoor Publications, Fitness Trainer Magazine, ABC News, & Maxim, to name a few.

Nuri’s journey began primarily in sports and fitness photography before expanding into fashion and portraiture, as well as political and lifestyle videography, providing content for several local news and media outlets.

Apart from working with NGO's and fulfilling client and press-related obligations, Nuri is passionate about "The Haus of New York Urban Art", his project also known as Urban Art By Nuri (UABN). Nuri’s vision for UABN is to celebrate the beauty of creativity and ingenuity through an artistic expression that conveys his love of people, culture, nature, and most of all, the urban experience. By capturing a moment in time, the goal of this project is to remind us there is beauty and art in the world around us. One need only keep an open heart.

Written and edited by Alla Bevzenko, Sr.  Editor New York City Art, Sports, & Entertainment

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