Out and About with Nuri

Suzie Lang

Good friend and fellow photographer Suzie Lang most noted for her project "Women Over 60"

The Brooklyn Meetup

Shooting for LFI with model Janay Martinez by the invite of photographers Don Switzer and Tomiko Sanchez

Danny Kavadlo

Honored to be one of the goto photographers for the famed Kavadlo fitness family. Here with my man Danny during his book shoot.


Spent the day with local small business owner ChiChi walking the streets of our neighborhood engaging with the neighbors.


Alla (in the middle) with our crew at the Hip Hop Film Festival in Harlem. L-R Grace Kavadlo, Sonja Price, Alla, Loiba Maria, and Aisha Bams

Fred Beasley

My good friend, 'Hip Hop is Green' Activist and motivational speaker Doc G

Stephon Marbury

Steph and I at the UFL World Cup chatting about BBall and Brooklyn.


My man Gator at the Pushing Weight "Push The World Tour"


With my great friend Yvette. The lovely lady who I met my wife through. Look at those guns.

Shutter Bros

With my bros and fellow creatives Evan Saucier and Igor Ktodoma.


Celebrating with a 2'x3' ft print of Chloe's first publication to LFI's Gallery.

More Shutter Bros

Fellow photogs L-R Joe, Alex, and Evan


Official media sponsors of the NYFW event Couture Fashion Week NYC. The team assembled to provide media coverage for the event.

Central Park Photog Family

Our crew, Furaha(UABN staff), Andrew, Kevin, Joe, Tracy, and Steve at the Bethesda Fountain.

NYFW Street Vibe

Out and about engaging other creatives and networking. Photo by Steve Edreff


Visiting and having lunch with my GREAT friend Katie celebrating her retirement from the World Bank in D.C.

In Action

Photos by Karl Magnus

Studio Collab

Collaboration project with my bro and fellow creatives Dez Santana and Tomiko Sanchez

BTS with Danny

The marathon shoot for Danny's book project now available on Amazon and DragonDoor Publication 'Hybrid Strength Training'

Lousie Chantál

On the red carpet at a NYFW event with RnB artist Louise Chantál.

Erika Alexander

With actress Erika Alexander at a the screening of WuTang's Hulu Series.

Red Carpet

On the red carpet for NYFW event in Times Square.

Caylee Cowan

Before she was engaged to Casey Affleck , Ms Caylee was my one of my buddies and models. We collab on commercial together.


Trash talking with my man Tyson Beckford. Photo was taken after he challenged by to a fitness battle. I told him to get his weight up then come see me...LOL. Great guy we had a great time hanging.


Social media influencer, fashion icon, amazing artist, and most of all a good friend. Known to the world as Purely Patricia.


Award winning actress, model, and Maxim covergirl. Janel Tanna and I go way back many fashion week seasons ago. She was my first true connection a friend that grew out of the NYFW community. We always reconnect at Couture Fashion Week.


Vibing with Zanita Whittington, major social media influencer, photographer creative, and fashion icon.

Wandering Eyes

With my buddies at the UFL World Cup, social media influencers and fitness icons Body by Chosen, Hannibal For King and Doc G. So many cameras going off we had trouble looking at the right cameras...lol.

Our Friends

Our good friends Stella and Fabio Turci . Fabio is popular international journalist based in São Paulo, Brazil

Shot By Dez

One of my favorite shots of me taken by my buddy Dez Santana

The Buzz

The final shoot with my NYFW spokesmodel Millie Carbajal. This shoot had all in attendance buzzing and clamouring over the private set to get a glimpse of Millie in this outfit and to check out the NYS-ASE Fashion Week team at work.