Meet The House of NY Urban Art by Nuri

The Models

Lizette Hernandez, Queens, NY

Linette 'Lizzy' was the first model to commit "The House of NYC Urban Art". Beauty, Fashion, Editorial,Urban Portraiture. Project Leica & NYC-ASE

Anna Nesterova, Manhattan, NY

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Urban Portraiture. Project Leica, NYC-ASE

Alinne Mello, Queens, NY

Alinne is a top flight and highly popular fitness instructor at Crunch Fitness in Manhattan. Fitness, Fashion, & Lifestyle

Naisha Torres, Manhattan, NY

Naisha is our resident model for boudoir, bodyscaping, nude, and sensual art. NYC-ASE, NYC-Urban Art.

Chloe Sanae, Manhattan, NY

Our first model to get published in the most elite photo gallery in the world. Leica Fotografie International (LFI). Beauty, Fashion, and Urban Portraiture, editorial . UABN Project Leica

Bryan Mendoza, Queens, NY

Bryan serves as both a model and set assistant. A jack of all trades. Urban Portraiture, Headshots, Lifestyle, & Commercial. UABN Project Leica, NYC-Urban Art, Headshot Crew

Anwar Hafeez, Manhattan, NY

Another fitness guru intructor and lead fitness program director for FDNY female recruits. Anwar collaborates with Nuri in fitness as well as photography. Fitness, headshots, beauty, fashion, lifestyle. NYC-ASE, NYC-Urban Art, Headshot Crew

Actress Furaha Moye, Manhattan, NY

SAG Actress Furaha Moye, is not only one of our house models, but also an accomplished photographer, stylist, and is usually with Nuri in the studio. Fashion, beauty, lifestyle, commercial, editorial, & event. Headshot Crew, NYC-ASE

Millie Carbajal, Bronx, NY

Millie is our spokesmodel for NYFW and is Nuri's prime subject at Couture Fashion Week (CFW) and accompanies Nuri to most NYFW events to promote the brand. CFW2020 prior to the pandemic, Millie was the hottest attraction during the intermissions as many of the press and fashion photographers attempt to snipe photos of her during our sessions. Event, beauty & fashion, swimwear, boudoir, & lifestyle. NYC-ASE, NYC-Urban Art.

Colin Harrow, Queens, NY

Fitness and Urban Portraiture. Colin was another one of our models to get published to the elite LFI Beauty and Fashion Gallery. Fashion, urban portraiture, bodyscape, editorial. UABN Project Leica.

Judine St Gerard, Manhattan, NY

Social media influencer and fitness trainer. Fitness, action, physique, editorial, commercial ,& lifestyle. NYC-ASE, NYC Urban Art

Kim Hernandez, Queens, NY

Kim is not only one of our models, but is also one of our hair and makeup artists. Beauty, fashion, boudoir, bodyscape, sensual art, editorial, urban portraiture.

NYC-ASE, NYC-Urban Art.

Kiki Peña, Queens NY

Highly experienced NYFW runway model, we have a long history with Kiki first working on a designer campaign together where we formed our relationship with her. Editorial, Fashion, Beauty, Runway, Commercial. NYC-ASE, NY-Urban Art, Project Leica.

Elissa Dawn, Brooklyn, NY

Fitness, swimsuit & bikini, fashion, urban portraiture. NYC-ASE, NY-Urban Art

Valentina Imokhai

Editorial, commercial, urban portraiture. NYC-ASE, NY-Urban Art

Sara Martinez, Bronx, NY

Urban Portraiture, fashion, boudoir, events. NYC-ASE, NY-Urban Art, Project Leica.

Marginique Rice, Brooklyn, NY

Boudoir, bodyscape, nude & sensual art. NYC-ASE, NY-Urban Art

Izaiah Lexiz, Queens, NY

Fitness, Urban Portraiture, Lifestyle, Bodyscape. NY-Urban Art; Project Leica